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Wow it's been almost a year since I last posted.

Over the weekend Sandy and I enjoyed dinner at The Melting Pot. Which is a nice romantic fondue restaurant (a little expensive, but very tasty). It worked out nice she wanted the shrimp and I wanted the steak so we weren't fighting over each other's pieces.

This Friday Sandy and I will be extras in a vampire movie my friend, Joe, is doing (Plug: Man on The Run Productions) The scene will be filmed in my office and we will receive a free copy of the movie when it's done and our name in the credits. It will be our 15 seconds of fame :)

Work life is easy. I work from 7-4 listening to ESPN Radio in the morning and in the afternoon I am "watching" (listening mainly and watching when I am waiting for web sites to load) Simpsons episodes on my Nintendo DS Lite. I got something that makes it work almost exactly like an iPod Video (No cheap shots here, Sandy, sorry). I get home and I watch PTI then Countdown with Keith Olbermann then whatever else TiVo has for me while playing Xbox (Marvel vs. Capcom 2, mostly) or the DS. I am very eager for the Suns to start playing again.

Sandy and I also just recently took a trip to Vegas (again) and had a lot of fun, We saw "Ka" at the MGM Grand and were awestruck by the acrobatics. I also lost, a lot, gambling, a lot. I could tell by how I would eat breakfast while Sandy was still asleep, The first day I went to a nice buffet and by the end of our trip (5th day) I was eating in the small McDonald's clone in our hotel getting the $3.95 value meal :P We stayed at the Imperial Palace which has grown on us having a bathtub big enough for 5 people and being centrally located on the strip. Melissa and I are planning another Vegas trip (for the family) for possibly October and Sandy and I are thinking of going for Christmas again. Maybe this time we will see Paris Hilton making out with someone (other 2 times we were in Vegas on the entertainment news there was a Paris Hilton sighting a few hours after we left that hotel/casino, most recently The Mirage with Cardinals Backup QB Matt Leinhart.)

Last week I got to see my Dad, who was in town on business and staying at a hotel around the corner from my office. I got some nice quality time with him and I was proud I was able to hold my own our sports conversations (Thanks Dan Patrick and ESPN Radio) usually I am lost on all of the golf but I was able to bring new fresh stuff into the conversation. I stayed away from the "Mom" topic (and if you want to story on that you'll have to ask that's another post that might take me about 4 hours to write).

Well that's enough for now. I need my beauty rest before Sandy gets home from class. Good Night and Good Luck.
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The database at work just had a reversal of fortune (got the term from watching competitive eating)

Things with Sandy and I are great. It's been tough with her back in school because I only see her for about 2 groggy hours a weekday night. We get to do a lot on the weekends together though. (Like check out the new Soda Shop location this weekend)

Found this story funny, read it if you have ever heard of Shaq.

Meth use leads to archeology.

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The 3 "s" words this week: Star Wars, Seinfeld, Suns. Sandy authorized the purchase. I love this woman.

Star Wars, Today, Spoiler - De Niro dies in the end.

Seinfeld, Tonight, Last time my appendix burst. This time, well..... It's hard for an appendix to burst again, right?

Suns, Game 2, Tueday. If they win the game and (hopefully) the series, I have to frame the tickets. I already have a jersey, pic, and bobblehead of Shawn Marion in my office.
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Sunday Night and Interesting News Stories

Sandy and I are doing great. Last night we watched plenty of Curb Your Enthusiasm. We ordered Pizza Hut in which I felt bad since Sandy is dieting (and doing quite well). Today she went to one of the Docs and he is forcing her to do P.T. for 3 weeks.

I found some interesting articles tonight that should be shared. CNN and the like are not covering this stuff:

Arizona Prisons are in a sad state due to illegal aliens. I posted this to the flaming liberials in azjournal. Now granted I thought I was a democrat but they are constantly contradicting themselves (i.e. Terri Schiavo can die but Death Row is bad. So a woman in a coma can die but the worst criminals in the world should be able to see old age?) and the whole immigration thing. I am no repub though since I feel the woman should have a right to choose. Anyway back to the news.

A Marine has been thrown under the bus by Bush. For what? Shooting terrorists. Defend the Defenders offical site. An interesting point was if this was done in WW2 that 2/3 of the marines in Iwo Jima would be on trial.

On a lighter note I am wondering what that speck is under theBuffalo on the new Nickel.

That's all I got tonight kids. Stay black and proud :)
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Random stuff

Well on a personal note I got a job interview Thursday and few more coals in the fire. I want to get out of the current job cause the boss hasn't paid me in 2 weeks and owes me almost 600 bucks.

Sandy and I are still going great.

Saturday Night I got to go to my first Arizona Rattlers game and I have to say that Arena Football is weird. My buddy and I are pretty knowledgable in the ways of the NFL and we couldn't understand some of the rules. Also, the linebackers don't wrap a player up or try and strip the ball. Sunday night Sandy and I watched Simpsons, a little of NBA all star game and Mythbusters.

I don't know if I should be more scared about this story or the fact that CNN and the like are not covering it.

There are very few sane people left in this world as evidenced here. I didn't realize what a circus I would cause but I am having little confidence in the politics and livejournal marriage. I really didn't think that 95% LJ users would throw someone under the bus. I am just tired of getting the wrong order when I get any kind of fast food and the fact that now most gov't officials have to learn spanish. Well I have been secretly boycotting places that use seemingly illegal labor (*cough* Wal-Mart, McDonalds *cough* Sonic and some Jack in the Boxes are good about it though)

I have been fighting spyware and a virus that won't go away all day today. I woke up to the computer having 42 IE windows up and over 60 processes running (I should only have 23) so I eliminated most of it. I guess I'll try and continue fixing it cause the window keeps losing focus every 2 minutes to tell me that Norton found another trojan. Have fun.
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Once in a while updates

Well a lot of stuff has happened in the past couple weeks. My birthday was Super Bowl Sunday and Sandy got me a lot of neat presents including the Vote for Pedro shirt which I am wearing now. She also allowed me to go nuts with Pizza Hut and she made me a Spongebob b-day cake.

Valentine's day eve we went to the Zoo and got our pic taken on a postcard. On V-Day I surprised her at work with roses and a heart balloon. For a gift I got her an Ant farm. I would have gotten her a ring but I went to 8 different spots and couldn't find anything that I liked.

Yesterday I went to Tucson on a job and toured Tucson Mall. I forgot how much I dislike Tucson. It feels dirty. Little freeway access. I am spoiled.

Today, I got StarFox for GameCube and did the same thing I did when I got StarFox 64 which is play it until it's beat (all like 1 hours worth for the 64 version and little over 3 for the GC) It's really fun but short. Well I am going to try and get some sleep so I can hung out with Sandy later. Have fun.
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Hello Cthulhu

It's been a while. It's been longer since I did a bunch of worthless links post.

First thing I have to say is that Sandy is easily the best thing that has happened to me in the past 25 years. I love her. She has been there for me with all the crap going on with my family. She also is getting addicted to going to Suns games since she saw Amare score 50 Blazers a few weeks ago. I even got her a Steve Nash jersey. She is becoming a James Bond fan. We went to the James Bond Exhibition at the Science Center a few days ago. Anyway, this sould be enough links for a day or two. Oh and Pats are going to win the Super Bowl
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I am still alive

Things with Sandy and I are going great. She is easily the best girlfriend I have ever had.

After losing all my mp3s again and some other files I am coming back. I have had a little family drama and my mom is ditching her second husband (which My sis and I saw coming from far away). I was given keys to a web site so I get to overhaul it and crap. Anyway, I am not going to make this a long post I just thought I would let the world know I am still alive.
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Hello Cthulhu

Your mom goes to College.

Things with Sandy and I are going well. Some of my old friends are convinced that I was trying to steal her from her old boyfriend but I can assure you the reader that wasn't the case . I have given many a ride to friends that were girls in exchange for fast food and gas money. She is by far the best girlfriend I have had. She drug me to this movie last week Napoleon Dynamite. I don't remember the last time I cried in the movie theater but this movie transcended being just funny. (One of the quotes from the movies was the inspiration for the title). The guy who plays Napoleon is just so hypnotizing it's great. Anyway, see it 3 times I know I will. If you have seen it Sandy is making me a Vote for Perdo shirt :)

The City of Phoenix sent me a letter saying I qualified for a job there that's worth only $40k and the supervisor is giving me a call sometime next week to meet me. If I don't get the job I am not going to hang myself I'll just continue on and get an apt with Sandy in a few weeks and just work at Target or whoever will say your hired and go to MCC.

In other news I ordered a few books from Amazon. Chariots of the Gods by Erich von Daniken and another one of his books. It's interesting so far I got a few hours ago and I after doing some errands I am only about half way through. He has the idea the ancient world was visited by an alien civilization and all the clues that were left behind by the Sumerians and some of the weird findings like batteries form the Bronze Age, cave drawings of a white woman and man with a staff in somewhat modern clothes in Southern Africa and the miles of stone carvings at Nazca. Well I am going to sleep because I can. Have fun.
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