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Sunday Night and Interesting News Stories - Thoughts of a bored man [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Sunday Night and Interesting News Stories [Feb. 28th, 2005|08:13 pm]
[Current Mood |sleepysleepy]
[Current Music |Michael Savage]

Sandy and I are doing great. Last night we watched plenty of Curb Your Enthusiasm. We ordered Pizza Hut in which I felt bad since Sandy is dieting (and doing quite well). Today she went to one of the Docs and he is forcing her to do P.T. for 3 weeks.

I found some interesting articles tonight that should be shared. CNN and the like are not covering this stuff:

Arizona Prisons are in a sad state due to illegal aliens. I posted this to the flaming liberials in azjournal. Now granted I thought I was a democrat but they are constantly contradicting themselves (i.e. Terri Schiavo can die but Death Row is bad. So a woman in a coma can die but the worst criminals in the world should be able to see old age?) and the whole immigration thing. I am no repub though since I feel the woman should have a right to choose. Anyway back to the news.

A Marine has been thrown under the bus by Bush. For what? Shooting terrorists. Defend the Defenders offical site. An interesting point was if this was done in WW2 that 2/3 of the marines in Iwo Jima would be on trial.

On a lighter note I am wondering what that speck is under theBuffalo on the new Nickel.

That's all I got tonight kids. Stay black and proud :)

[User Picture]From: syntheticbliss
2005-03-01 08:02 am (UTC)
I could never do it without you.
Hugs and Kisses, oh and I love you more bitch ;)
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[User Picture]From: optomistic_1
2005-03-02 09:09 pm (UTC)
For your enjoyment:

I saw this and remembered the BS from azjournal.
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[User Picture]From: syntheticbliss
2005-03-03 05:28 am (UTC)
haha that made my day :)
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