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That's right I am a Cyber-Bully - Thoughts of a bored man [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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That's right I am a Cyber-Bully [May. 22nd, 2005|06:23 pm]
I was reading through my old blog when I found one of the better posts I wrote. It's about the evils of today's video games. I do have to add though that the GBA brought back a little bit of my faith in the future of gaming.

May 25th, 2002 8:34pm

Well after falling to my death (2 feet into the jacuzzi) I figured it would be a bad idea to kill myself.

Anyway, I have realized that I am a cyber-bully. I was reading old Penny Arcade comics and they have a small series on why games suck now. They said that the truning point was the flashy MTV style PlayStation ads. It was "bringing our heritage to the same fucking guys that beat us up in P.E. They had friends, sports, and girls why did they need games?" After I read that statement it dawned on me: I am a Cyber-Bully. I sometimes take joy into killing a n00b. Shutting them out and not letting them get a frag because I know that life is balanced and where one skill is lacking this n00b either has a insanly fast computer, or a better car or good at sports, or he might even have a girlfriend. So I must do my part in the balancing process by being an uber-gamer. It's the same old story of the bully beating the nerd in school but in the end who made the money? Nowadays video gaming is more socially acceptable thanks to the afor mentioned PlayStation ads and with Counter-Strike having 70,000 people always playing online (Proof). I feel like an elitest towards even these Counter-Strike players and the EverQuest/Dark Age of Camelot/most other MMORPGs. Anyone went even mentions that they play these games I take what they have to say about gaming and almost throw it out the window. A good friend of mine, Jim, always seem to have this converstation where we talk about the days of old where we would play Quake, and how we would have some fast paced fragging fun. But now Counter-Strike just released it's latest patch which slows the game down even more and might even take some of it gamers down with this release, it's just not the same anymore. There was a time in my life (age 5-15) where I would sit down and play games all weekend/summer/any school break and felt like I have done something but now even FFX has forsaken me. I know I'll probably always be a gamer but I feel like I need a game that I can get excited about. There is all this talk about well how does the game look. I have to say that there has been a rare time when I cared about how a game looks. My Nintendo was on a black and white TV for the first year I had it and I probably had more fun playing Legend of Zelda on that than playing the 1.3 version of CS. Before the PlayStation came out there were only about 2 games I hated: Ninja Turtles (Little too hard once you got to the 3rd level) and R-Type (Same story) now my list of games that suck is probably longer than the games I like. I am starting to wonder if I will find a side scroller that is as fun as Super Mario World. I converted to PC gaming in 1996 with Quake, then a little later StarCraft was released and to me it's still the best RTS game out there even after 4 years. I even think WarCraft III Beta sucks and the final release will suck. What is happening to this world I can't seem to find Side-Scrolling Samus cleansing a Metroid infested planet or an overhead view of Link (not this kid who barely looks like he can swing a sword), Now even Fox is out of his ship and clubbing dinosaurs. I can't mass 150 marines to take out this guys base, or get a fast rocket launcher (quake 1 style). I didn't feel this bad when Mario went 3d in Super Mario 64 but know I would trade my experence with that game to get these old classics back to how they looked. I am really sorry for the 5-10 year olds who won't know the joy that the gaming industry once produced. And becasue of all this I am able to obtain the title of Cyber-Bully. I am really looking for the old video game fix that I once could get from Squaresoft but even they are making the FF series into an MMORPG. Right Now I am looking at my TV it has a PS2, GameCube and a Super Nintendo and which do you think i am going to play? That's correct some nice Street Figher II action from the SNES.